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Crossing bridge at Annah RaisThings to do when stay at Annah
Rais Longhouse

During your stay at Annah Rais Longhouse Homestay Kuching, we will arrange plenty of guided tours & activities to keep you busy & occupied whole day long. The local guide/guides are well-trained & experienced in bringing guests into the surrounding jungle to enjoy the beauty of nature. They are committed to make sure that you are having fun out there, & have forgotten about everything else. Even your laundry will be taken care of, what else you need to worry about!

At Annah Rais longhouse, you will find youself escaped from the hectic city life, you will be led into the beautiful tropical rainforest, & you will be brought back to the NATURE!

Annah Rais Longhouse Homestay Outdoor Tours & Activities

Jungle Trekking in the Tropical Rainforest

With the experienced & skillful jungle expert's guidance, you will have a good chance to spot the flora & fauna, enjoy the beauty of the tropical rainforest, learn the traditional way of survival skill in the jungle, identify the herbs & its usage in natural healing, birds & wildlife watching, feel the calm in the jungle, & etc.

Homestay Kuching Annah Rais Longhouse - Jungle Trekking

Hunting with the Blowgun

You will learn how to properly use the real blowgun. Due to fact that we do not encourage to kill the wildlife in the jungle, if you bring the blowgun with you into the jungle, the darts will not be poisoned or sharpened. You can practise it on plants or anything, but not wildlife!

Bamboo Rafting

For those who are adventurous enough, you can try an exciting bamboo rafting sport that can be arranged for you. No experience required, the experienced guide will show you how to build the raft with Bamboos found in the jungle & also the essential rafting techniques before you will do the real rafting. Please note that this activity is very much subject to weather & water condition.

Net-fishing & BBQ lunch

You will be given a home-made fishing net & learn how to fish with the traditional way of net-fishing. Once you have caught enough, maybe you can start your own BBQ lunch right in the jungle, & accompanied with the other foods & rice that our guides will bring along for you.

Fishing Trip

The guide can bring you to the riverbank where there are a lot of fishes to fish. All equipment will be provided. The guide can also start the fire right there for you to enjoy your "fresh catches" BBQ picnic, accompanied with other foods that have been brought along.

Soaking in the natural Hot Spring - The Jungle Spa

Annah Rais village is lucky enough to have a hot spring found nearby. It's located in the middle of the jungle, & you can soak into it while enjoying the beauty of the jungle. I call it "The Jungle Spa".

Annah Rais Hot Spring

Swimming at the untouched natural 3-tier Waterfall

Our local guide will bring you to this wonderful place for you to enjoy the beauty of nature, just lie down & relax, swim, or you can even try a waterfall massage. The water is cold & crystal clear, & you will just love it.

Annah Rais 3-Tier Cascading Waterfall

Rice Harvesting

During the month of February to April, it's paddy harvesting season. You can join the fellow villagers for the rice harvesting at the hilly land.

Annah Rais Longhouse Indoor Activities

Learn how to cook Bamboo rice & Bamboo chicken

You will be taught by the "Bamboo Chicken Specialist" about the traditional way of cooking the rice & chicken in the bamboo. Processed chicken or rice are stuffed in the Bamboo & cooked on the flamed charcoal. The taste is just so original, the chicken taste sweet, juicy & tasty, Mmm.. simply delicious. This is our signature dish for your lunch/dinner. You will be served together with other local sumptuous dishes too.

cooking bamboo Chicken

Blowgun Skill Competition

For those who are the best & the most accurate one to blow the dart towards the target, he/she wins the competition. Gift will be presented to the winner, e.g. rice wine, home-made handicraft or traditional smoking pipe. Blowgun competition will be held only if you are in the group travel. :)

Borneo Bidayuh Traditional Cultural Dance Performance

Just right after the dinner, you can opt for the traditional cultural dance. You will be entertained by the Bidayuh cultural group & dancers with their most authentic cultural dance. You will be served with drinks or the local rice wine while enjoying the show. At times of feeling "heated" by the dancer (or by the rice wine), hey... don't hesitate to dress up yourself with the traditional costume & start dancing till you drop. Have fun.

tranditional bidayuh dance

Playing the Traditional Bidayuh Musical Instruments

You will be tought on how to play the Bidayuh traditional musical instruments. It's fun & entertained, not just yourself, but others will be entertained by you too.

music instrument

Exploring the Annah Rais longhouse

You will be guided along for the walk & explained everything about Annah Rais longhouse. This guided tour can be conducted anytime when you are free from any activities, & still energetic enough to hang around. Sometimes you will be invited by other families too in the same village for culture's exchange, if the timing is right.

"Cempedak" (local tropical fruit) tasting

Only availabe during fruiting season. This fruit just tastes similar to the related Jackfruit & with a hint of Durian. It tastes sweet, mild, and juicy, but some may say it's pretty smelly. If you dare to try Durian, it's not a big deal for you to beat the Cempedak. Experience once in your life, & you will bring back an unforgettable memory. Who knows you will just craving for more after that.

"Tuak" (local rice wine) Tasting

Their home-brew local rice wine, with additional ingredients added such as fresh honey & the various herbs that is good for health. Some said it just simply taste better than Remy Martin.

** Most of the activities stated above has already been included in the homestay package. For more details on the tours & activities' arrangement, please refer to Packages & Itineraries. Some activities are subject to weather condition, especially Bamboo rafting, hence we reserve the right to change the itinerary if deemed neccessary. Our decision will be the final one.


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