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About Annah Rais Longhouse in Sarawak, Borneo

Annah Rais Longhouse in SarawakAnnah Rais Longhouse is located at about 60km away from Kuching City, Sarawak, or better known as Borneo Island in the western world. It is a large & old Bidayuh Tribe's Longhouse that houses over 80 families. Majority of the villager there are still live in a traditional way of longhouse's living. They plant paddy, cocoa, pepper, rubber & etc. for living.

Annah Rais longhouse in Sarawak has a written history of 175 years old (over 500 years old of unwritten history, which counting to approximately 8 generations old) to date. Many tourists from all over the world come to visit Annah Rais Longhouse everyday, & they just fascinated with the traditional way of living here.

Kuching Homestay - Annah Rais Longhouse SarawakKuching Homestay - Annah Rais Longhouse View

Looking For Fun & Adventurous Kuching Homestay?
Why not join us & live with us under one roof!

Kuching Homestay - Annah Rais LonghouseIf you are looking for Kuching homestay, why not come & live with us under one roof at the Annah Rais Longhouse? The longhouse living's concept is, everyone in the village live under one roof - a Borneo longhouse style. in fact longhouse consists of many doors (one door one family with 2 to 3 bed-rooms ). In our homestay programme, you will be staying with us or one of the family here so you get a chance to learn more about our culture & also to let you experience personally the traditional way of our living here.

** Please note that we reserve the right at our sole discretion to arrange the guestroom for you when you participate in the Longhouse Adventure's programme.

Guestroom at Annah Rais Longhouse Kuching Homestay

Kuching Homestay Guestroom at Annah Rais LonghouseThe guestroom is basic, just exactly like everyone else's bedroom in the village, if not better. We will put in all our effort to make sure that they are always clean, cosy & comfortable place for you to put up a night during your stay. We will also ensure that everything will be well-prepared and is in place for you to have your rest of the day. Guestrooms come with a fan, comfortable mattress, blanket, pillow & etc.

Our Facilities At Annah Rais Longhouse

Facilities include luggage storage, use of the kitchen (if you bring your own food), laundry service, 3 meals daily (serve local traditional delicacies), free flow of coffee & tea (ask for traditional herbal tea too), traditional costume for photographing, musical instruments, traditional water-based tobacco & still counting. Best of all, they are all FREE of charge.

Facilities at Annah Rais Longhouse

Traditional Meals - Try Our Local Bidayuh Foods & Drinks

You will be served 3 meals daily with the traditional local signature dishes, especially the world famous bamboo rice & bamboo chicken. The rice we serve is most likely from our own village paddy field, some of the vegetables are from our own farm, & the ferns ("paku" & "midin") are collected from the surrounding jungle. They grown up without pesticide. They taste sweet & juicy, & it's simply healthy & "organic". Please note that we practise the Halal kitchen so no pork or lard will be served during your stay with us.

Bidayuh Traditional Meals at Annah Rais Longhouse in Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Drinks Available At Annah Rais Longhouse Kuching Homestay

We prepare coffee, tea, or Milo (chocolate drink) with boiled water. All our drinking water is boiled, so rest assured that all gems are killed (if there's any) before you get to drink it. Our water supply is in fact pumpep from the mountain's spring water and they are clean, fresh, & best of all, chlorine free.

You will be served with our very own organic herbal tea too. It just tastes so good, & also known to be good for health, especially for those who have hypertension. At night, you will be served the precious home-brewed rice wine that simply taste better than any other commercial wines or liquors found on the market. We have added the special ingredient of fresh honey & some herbs too. According to one of our guest, he said it smells like a Remy Martin, but taste 10 times better than that. Well, talk is cheap, you got to try it yourself.

Local Traditional Bidayuh Drinks at the longhouse

Swimming At Annah Rais Longhouse

Just right beside the longhouse, there's a small stream with the crystal clear & cold running water from the mountain. You can simply relax yourself by soaking yourself into the water. You can even trek through the jungle to a beautiful 3-tier waterfall. The homestay programs have a guided tour that bring you to this exotic waterfall for swimming, relax & picnic. Besides, many other waterfalls or beautiful streams can be found around the village too. They are absolutely beautiful, natural & completely untouched by the modern world. It is safe to swim at any waterfalls or streams, no crocodile, no shark, so no worry.

Kuching Homestay - Swim at small stream nearby with crystal clear running water

What to bring

There's no hypermarket, not even a shops nearby the Annah Rais longhouse, and it's about 60km away from Kuching city center. The only shop we have is a small mini-mart that run by our fellow villager for the basic supply only. You are advised to purchase all your stuffs at Kuching before heading up to the Annah Rais longhouse. Below are some general packing list for your reference:

Insect repellent, personal medication, cigarette, tooth paste & brush, soap & shampoo (you can use theirs too, just in case you are particular on certain brand, pls bring your own), lotion, sun block cream, comb, shaver, long-sleeve shirt & long pant (in case it gets cold at night), underwear, towel, casual clothes, shoes/boots (for jungle trekking), swim-suit, sandals, flashlight (if you plan for night camping/jungle trekking), camera, camcorder, lenses, memory cards, films, charger, binocular, hat, sunglasses & watch.


Shoes for Jungle Trekking - Kampung Adidas (local Rubber Shoes)
You are advised to prepare a pair of shoes for jungle trekking, or you can buy the rubber shoes at any local footwear shop. Seperate shoes for all jungle activities is advisable, so that your expensive shoes will not get dirty. Sandal or slipper is not suitable for jungle trekking, as it will get very slippery if it's wet. To buy this rubber shoes, please ask your taxi driver to drop you at the shop at Kota Padawan town when you are on your way to Annah Rais longhouse. It cost only around RM10 a pair. Cheap? It's dead cheap!

** Remember to bring a pair of long shocks too.

Kampung Adidas - local rubber shoes

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