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Adventurous Homestay Kuching at Annah Rais Longhouse!

Annah Rais Longhouse"Come & join us at Annah Rais Longhouse Homestay in Kuching! Live with us under one roof & experience the traditional way of living here! Also, adventure together with us into the beautiful tropical rainforest to explore the beauty of nature. We also bring you to the natural hot spring, stunning waterfall, as well as organizing a fun & adventurous Bamboo Rafting trip, which penetrating through the exotic tropical rainforest!" Edward Gunui
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Jungle Trekking and Exploration
Jungle Trekking Trekking along the stream
The surrounding of Longhouse in Sarawak is full of exotic nature places, and we will ensure you won't miss them when you are with us! Guided Jungle Trekking through the tropical rainforest to observe beautiful flora & fauna. Explore the interior jungle, trek through the crystal clear cold running water streams & waterfalls, enjoy the beauty of the nature!

3-Tier Waterfall near Annah Rais at Borneo highland
There are plenty of beautiful & stunning waterfalls located deep in the tropical rainforest. It's natural, it's exotic & it's simply untouched! You can swim, relax, soaking in the cold running water, or even try waterfall massage!

Homestay Kuching - Waterfall

Annah Rais Hotspring

Soaking in the natural Annah Rais hot spring, the water is crystal clear! We call it "The Ultimate Jungle Spa"...

Longhouse Sarawak Hotspring

Longhouse Sarawak Hotspring Bubble

Bamboo Rafting Trip
The Bamboo Rafting is really fun & adventurous! Raft through the beautiful tropical rainforest along the knee-level shallow stream. Kuching Homestay - Annah Rais Bamboo Rafting

Bidayuh Cultural Dance
Longhouse Borneo Bidayuh cultural dance can be arranged during night time, right after your sumptuous dinner. Put on the traditional costume & join us for the dance, have fun all night long till you drop! Longhouse Borneo Bidayuh Cultural Dance

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